Exploring Slow Travel

Exploring ‘Slow’ and ‘Values-Driven’ Travel

In the wake of the pandemic (can we say that yet?) many thought leaders and industry analysts are making predictions about what travel will look like over the next few years. Of course we’ve all heard the jokes about the ‘return of the roaring 20’s‘ — not entirely mad at this idea — but what has been really interesting to us is the increased focus on planning longer, more deliberate trips with specific intentions in mind. 

This idea, coined ‘slow travel’ by the enthusiasts who have long exulted this strategy for exploring the world, emphasizes connection to the locations you’re visiting. Digging into the culture, interacting with residents and business owners, finding local food and music. Not only will it have a greater impact on the depth and memories of your experience, but it creates a more sustainable and supportive tourism structure for the communities to benefit from. 

In this model, you’re spending several days, if not weeks, in one location rather than jumping from place to place trying to get a reservation at every Michelin star restaurant in Europe during your two week leave from work (not entirely mad at THAT idea either, by the way). And there are plenty of tour companies catering to this growing desire for meaningful, memorable occasions — think small or entirely private groups, bespoke itineraries, and enough time to really absorb the feeling of being somewhere new.

Experts have also suggested that ‘values-driven travel’ will be on the rise in the foreseeable future. Faced with the reality this past year that so much could fall away overnight, many people are are making plans around accomplishing a personal challenge, like walking the Appalachian Trail or biking across Ireland, exploring family heritage, or realizing a life goal — eating an authentic Neopolitan pizza in its home city of Naples, anyone?? There’s also an increased interest in travel with an activism or volunteering component, bringing companies like Hands Up Holidays, which curates ‘luxury family travel experiences that change lives,’ to the forefront. 

No matter where you’re traveling, or for how long, our team at UrbanBCN Worldwide is here to make your journey smooth and memorable in its own right — for all the correct reasons, of course. Booking is always available on our website, by emailing info@urbanbcn.com, calling or texting +1 (415) 494-8122.

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